SpLiF (xgirl_fix_erx) wrote in drunkpunker,

i know this is REALLY short notice...

i'm looking for a decent drummer who can tour this summer. our drummer dropped out of the tour at the last minute. the band is all for the tour, but without the drummer, we're screwed. the tour begins on july 3rd. if you, or anyone you know, is interested, PLEASE PLEASE contact me. we're a jersey based street punk band called mass destruction.

even if you can tour this summer but then have to go back home for school or something, it's cool. we just REALLY need a drummer this summer. the tour is from july 3rd-august 16th. the tour is supposed to be with public disturbance. it's called the east coast chaos tour. if you need anymore information regarding the tour feel free to ask. but PLEASE PLEASE respond if you know any drummers.

we'll probabaly even pay for your plane ticket if you need it.

there will be MANY drunken nights.

thank you so much.

Mass Destruction

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