SpLiF (xgirl_fix_erx) wrote in drunkpunker,

new jersey drunk punks. oi oi oi.

i got to band practice late on friday. tony didn't come with us, but the rest of the band (including my best friend mel) went drinking.


 nando doesn't have a mohawk. but he does have chaos spikes. i hope that's enough to post him.



my best friend hooking up with nando (it's ok, she has a mohawk, it's just not charged).


dave loves beer. and he has a mohawk, too. he's just a lazy sod.


dave. beer. scene change.


 my baby and dave. with beer.



that's me and my baby, anthony. punk rock love. <3.


Mass Destruction. that's the band. we're going on tour this summer. if you have a good all ages punk venue near you, please contact me. thanks =].


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haha! Omg finally! Thanks for the pics. \m/ I live like 20 mins from Ybor City (its near Tampa, Fl) and its an uber club scene there. There are several clubs you might want to look into if you're willing to come this far. Masquerade and Twightlight are the big ones in Ybor.
we're willing to go anywhere. except hawaii and alaska. we want to, and we will eventually. but we're poor punks.
hey! check this out www.purevolume.com/julysdiscord tell me what you think. thanks!
looks like a fucking legend party or if your just out fucknig legend, exactly wot we all do i love the hair by the way